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Friday, December 31, 2010

Populations of Tanjung Balai

Populations of Tanjung Balai :

The populations of Tanjung Balai , Indonesia is 142506 according to GeoNames geographic database.

Latitude, Longitude, and Elevation

Tanjung balai, Indonesia is located at 2.96667 [latitude in decimal degrees], 99.8 [longitude in decimal degrees] at an elevation/altitude of meters. The average elevation of Tanjungbalai, Indonesia is 5 meters. 


The time zone id for Tanjung balai is Asia/Jakarta. 

Getting in Tanjung Balai.

GETTING TO INDONESIA - Time Difference: Indonesia is 1 hour behind Singapore.


Unless you have plenty of time on your hands and don't mind taking a slow boat to Indonesia, I'd say the best way to get to there is by air.
To get to either Sumatra or Java by ferry, you must first travel to Batam, part of the Riau Islands of Indonesia. From there, there are PELNI ferries to Belawan (port in Medan, Sumatra) and Tanjung Priok (port in Jakarta, Java). PELNI stands for PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia, a state-owned sea transportation company. They have a website where you can check schedules and fares.
The ferry ride from Singapore to Batam is about 45 minutes, and the one-way fare costs about S$25. There are several ferry operators, one of which Penguin Ferry Services has been receiving good reviews for their reliability. You can catch their ferries to Batam from World Trade Centre Ferry Terminal in Singapore. For more information, contact their sales counter at (65) 6271 4866.

BY AIR : ( plane ) 

Check for airfares for various destinations from Singapore.
You can also choose to take a domestic flight from Batam to various destinations in Indonesia. A user-friendly website for this would be

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Bakso, a meatball made from low quality meat is just as popular as nasi goreng. Both are sold from street side stalls, or push carts that make their rounds through the neighborhoods.

Several chinese restaurants can be found along Jalan Trikora Laut (opposite Holiday Karimun Hotel). This is probably the central area for Teochew-style Bak Kut Teh. Noodles are also available.

The long stretch of open-air food and drink vendors that convenes outside the ferry terminal after 5pm is a great place to try out authentic, cheap Indonesian food.

粿汁( kue chap), address=Pujasera ... Traditional food ala Tio chiu.... Nice and black soup with white kue. Must Try. Two thumbs up. Chiak...  :p


Karimun's main department store is Indo A. Yani Swalayan & Dept. Store in Tanjung Balai. Pasar Swalayan means supermarket in Bahasa Indonesia. This 3 storey department store offers food, clothing, housewares, stationary and basic necessities.

Padimas Department Store another shopping area in Karimun. Beside it, there is a game centre suitable for the families. Opposite it, is the Padimas Hotel, which is reasonably priced.

You can obtain 250g Karimun Utama coffee (Kopi Karimun Utama) for Rp. 7.150 (Agent: Toko Utama, Jalan Nusantara No. 43, Tanjung Balai, Pulau Karimun. ☎ +62-777-21003), local produced Kerupuk, deep fried fish crackers, can be found at Bona Kerupuk Atom 50 and cost Rp. 7.000 per packet.

Getting around in Tanjung Balai Karimun

By mikrolet :

The cheapest way to travel in Karimun is by mikrolet. These small minibuses run a fairly standard route and pick up and drop off passengers anywhere along the way. By the way, the locals call them "oplet".You can get almost anywhere in Tanjung Balai for Rp. 2.000. Tanjung Balai to Meral is 2.500rp.

By bicycle :

This would be one of the ideal way to explore Karimun. However, yet to find one bicycle renter in the town. However, most of the ferry companies will take your bicycle for a SG$5 fee, so if you are coming from Singapore, just bring one over.

From the other Riau Islands to Tanjung Balai Karimun

Miko Natalia

Numerous companies offer ferry services to/from BintanBatam and the other Riau Islands.
  • From Batam: Regular ferries link Tanjung Balai with Sekupang domestic ferry terminal on Batam. Many of these ferries originate from or are heading to the Sumatramainland or Kundur Island. Tickets cost Rp. 70.000 one-way (excluding Rp. 1.000 port tax & Rp. 1.000 insurance)

  • From Bintan: Ferry company Arena operate regular ferries between Tanjung Balai and Tanjung Pinang, the main town on Bintan. The ferries also stop at Sekupang on Batam enroute.

  • From Kundur Island: The Miko Natalia 3 links Tanjung Balai with Tanjung Batu, the main town on Kundur Island several times daily. Tickets cost Rp. 46,000 one-way before port taxes. Journey time is over one hour, longer if stops are made at islands along the way. The ferry continues its journey to Sekupang on Batam.

From Singapore to Tanjung Balai Karimun

Penguin (Tel: +62-777-324300 in Tanjung Balai; +65-62714866 in HarbourFront) and Indofalcon (Tel: +65-62783167 in Harbourfront) ferry companies operate ferries between Tanjung Balai and Singapore's HarbourFront Centre. Between them, they run 3 trips on weekdays (From HarbourFront: 0800, 1420 and 1820. From Tanjung Balai: 0730, 1100 and 1700), increasing to 6 trips on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays (From HarbourFront: 0800, 0950, 1225, 1420, 1625 and 1820. From Tanjung Balai: 0715, 0945, 1130, 1315, 1530 and 1700). From Singapore, tickets cost S$63 return before Indonesian port taxes or Rp 110.000 one-way before port taxes (Rp 10.000) from Tanjung Balai. Journey time is about one and a half hours.
Please note that the two companies' code-sharing agreement allows you to board any ferry at Tanjung Balai for the return leg to Singapore only if you hold a return ticket that was purchased in Singapore. If you buy your ticket in Tanjung Balai, you can only board the ferry of the company from which you buy the ticket.